Articles 2022

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Articles 2021

da Silva, S. & de Vries, P. (2021). The ambivalence of slum politics in reactionary times in Recife, Brazil. Dialectical Anthropology, 45(4), 383–401. Full-text access to a view-only version: Doi:

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Articles 2020

van der Veer, L. (2020) Residents’ responses to refugee reception: the cracks and continuities between care and control. Ethnic and Racial Studies (43)16: 368-387

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Articles 2019

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Articles 2018

Eiró, F. (2018) On Bolsonaro: Brazilian democracy at risk. Focaal Blog, November 8, 2018

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Articles 2017

Brandt C.O. and Eiró F. (2017) Qualitative corruption research methods. How to research corruption? Conference Proceedings: Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Forum, June 2016, pp. 34-43.

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Articles 2016

Koster, M. (2016). Brokers in participatory urban governance: Assembling formal and informal politics. L’Espace Politique 29(2).

Koster, M. and Nuijten, M. (2016) Coproducing urban space: rethinking the formal/informal dichotomy. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 37(3): 282-294

Books & Chapters

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Special issues

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