Papers de Conferências

da Silva, S. (2022) PREZEIS in Recife, Brazil, as a zombie project. Onderzoekers Latijns Amerika PhD Work in Progress Day, hybrid event, CEDLA Amsterdam, 3 March

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Koster, M. (2019) ‘The aspirational politics of precariousness in the “informal city” of Recife, Brazil’, Invited paper at Informality and Development Workshop, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada, 19 November

da Silva, S. (2019) Laughing with and against Bolsonaro – Humiliation, jokes, and the tragicomedy of the 2018 Brazilian presidential elections. CAOS PhD Platform meeting, Radboud University Nijmegen 10 October

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Moore, A. (2019) ‘The struggle for ‘vivienda digna’: planning, resistance and progress in a low-income neighbourhood in Medellín’ Inter-Congress IUAES  “World Solidarities”, Poznan, Poland, 27-31 August

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da Silva, S. (2019) ‘Conceptualizing struggles for urban space in Recife, Brazil: Slum politics vs. occupancy urbanism’ Inter-Congress IUAES  “World Solidarities”, Poznan, Poland, 27-31 August

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da Silva, S. (2019) ‘Slum politics as the courage of hopelessness in reactionary times: Community leaders between development and decay in Recife, Brazil’ International Conference ‘Brazilian Politics, Policies and Citizenship: Anthropological Perspectives on Current Challenges’, Nijmegen March 13-15

van der Veer, L. (2018) Residents’ Mobilizations Responding to Recent Newcomers: the Intertwinement of practices of care and control. Paper presented at CESSMIR: Needs and Care Practices for Migrants and Refugees, Ghent, 17-19 September.

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da Silva, S. & de Vries, P. (2017) Slum politics as singular politics: Reflections on citizenship at the margins in Recife, Brazil. Invited paper at ‘The Right to the City in the South, everyday urban experience and rationalities of government’, University Paris Diderot, Centre d’Études en Sciences Sociales sur les Mondes Africains, Américains et Asiatiques,  November 15-17.

Eiró F. (2017). O Programa Bolsa Família e os pobres “não-merecedores”: poder discricionário e os limites da consolidação de direitos sociais.  Conference Proceedings: Anpocs Annual Conference, Caxambu, October.

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Koster, M. (2017) Assembling formal and informal urban governance: Political brokers in Recife, Brazil. Paper at the CASCA-IUAES conference, May 2-7, Ottawa, Canada.

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